Respect Self

In the words of Waith ~

The Guidelines for Growth is the Mission Statement for the Search for Self. Our guidance is about bringing balance to the abstract and concrete. We help you to understand the spiritual precepts of your own path ~ how you can apply those precepts and the tools by which you can apply them ~ and how you can analyze what you have done and determine if the precept from the spiritual component was appropriate for you. This is what our message is about.

Many people will interpret the Guidelines as meaning that you cannot work on anything else except Respect Self since that is the most important component. Oftentimes people will become stuck within their own growth because they think that they must achieve a certain point of respecting Self ~ and before they can do anything else, they have to achieve whatever it is that they determine is the level that they will Respect Self, before they can begin to Respect Others.

This is certainly a way in which many entities behave. However, it can be Self defeating if you think that you must achieve a certain level of respect of Self in order to have succeeded. Self often imposes upon itself these unreasonable expectations and says, “I must achieve this before I can really show that I have grown.” Well, that is nonsense! :)

What does it mean to Respect Self ~ what does it mean to Love Self and how are those two different from each other. RESPECT can be considered NON EMOTIONAL. LOVE can be considered EMOTIONAL.

Respect is an attitude that one has for Self and the world in which Self exists. Out of respect comes love.
— Waith