A Point About Alligators, Scientists And Pollution

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Reflections from Mushiba:
A Point About Alligators, Scientists And Pollution

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Waith began holding Public Sessions in 1987. His sessions have been informative, serious, lighthearted and sometimes just plain entertaining. And, while Waith’s style is often playful, he usually has a point to make, as the following except with a member of the gathering, shows from October, 1995:

Comment: They say that the alligators we’re being shown on television and the scientists are having a big problem. They have different ways of reproducing and they say it’s because of pollution and all kinds of reasons and they’re trying to fix the problem.
Waith: They or the alligators? The scientists or the alligators?
Response: The scientists or the veterinarians.
Waith: And, was it the scientists who were reproducing or the alligators who were reproducing? Or was it the pollution that was reproducing?
Response: They haven’t figured it out yet.
Waith: They? The alligators haven’t figured it out yet?
Response: I think that the alligators know what the’re doing.
Waith: That is a dangerous assumption. Is there a question in there somewhere?
Response: No, it’s just a point that I brought up.
Waith: Ah-h-h, indeed.”

So, what is the point Waith is making about Alligators, Scientists and Pollution? While he is being lighthearted during this exchange, Waith is showing how the use of words can sometimes be confusing and actually create false information or misinterpretation ~ however, Lightheartedness can usually be part of any point being made. Fast forward 24 years from 1995 and it seems the need for Lightheartedness is needed more than ever, while simultaneously being serious about our own lesson learning ~ the balance! 😇

Wishing all a joy filled lesson learning 2019!! ✨✨

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