Becoming Perfect or, Striving for Perfection


Reflections from Mushiba: Becoming Perfect or, Striving for Perfection

How do you think the picture with this week's blog entry relates to the topic?

What is the difference in the words, Become and Strive? A quick check in Merriam Webster tells us that Become means to “undergo change or development” and Strive means to “devote serious effort or energy.” I think there is a subtle difference between these two words ~ to Become occurs naturally and gently and to Strive is a deliberate ~ and sometimes painful ~ behavior.

In an early Public Session, Waith talked about Perfection and used the words, Become and Strive: “You have no pressure to become perfect, and on the earth plane you will, indeed, not be perfect. You can only strive to become better, stronger and more resolute in your spiritual Self, for the more that you become spiritual, the less the earth plane binds you. You will reach a point, whether it is in this life or another, where your spiritual Self will be so strong that you will feel less binding to the earth plane ~ you will have fewer desires for the temptations that exist, such as the feeling of judging others, of being impatient, and, indeed, of having conditional love toward those around you rather than unconditional love. Once you are able to free yourself from the bonds of conditional love toward all energies, you will be freeing yourself more and more from the earth plane.”

I have come to view my quest for perfection differently from earlier in my life and to realize that my Striving for Perfection has helped me evolve toward Becoming Perfect ~ and, that my Becoming is a neverending process. Thus, I now view Striving as a short term behavior meant to bring about that long term behavior of Becoming.

So, does Becoming Perfect mean I have Achieved Perfection? Yikes ~ No!! And, believe me, by taking on the Energy Sign of Virgo I am constantly reminding myself otherwise!!

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