Our Soul’s Purpose

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Reflections from Mushiba: Our Soul’s Purpose

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We often hear the words Purpose and Mission used as if they are interchangeable. I believe they are distinct and yet interconnected. Purpose basically means an aim, or view, for oneself and Mission basically means a task. Since Concrete Self views its Soul as abstract, I see Soul’s Purpose as the overview of Self’s journey and our Mission as the action plan for implementation of Soul’s Purpose.

At the beginning of Waith’s communication through me, he spoke of the Soul’s Purpose and distinguished between Purpose and Mission:

“Many of you may never fully be aware of your Soul’s Purpose in this incarnation because part of your Mission, or what you have come in to learn, involves your not knowing what your Soul’s Purpose is. Realize that there will be a significant number of entities who will not know what they are here to do. It does not mean, though, that you will not be doing what you are here to do ~ it simply means that your Soul’s Purpose is not going to be consciously given to you ~ however, you will know that purpose in your Higher Self.”

How do we learn our Soul’s Purpose? Live our lies ~ and, hence, our Mission ~ and, if our Soul wants to reveal its Purpose, it will do so, if not in this life, as Waith loves to say, “Ultimately.”

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