The Right Way to Do Something

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Reflections from Mushiba: The Right Way To Do Something

How do you think the picture with this week's blog entry relates to the topic?

We are inundated on a regular basis about the right way to do one thing or another. The process of Gaining Self Awareness ~ often referred to as meditation ~ is no exception. For example, we are told that the best way to meditate is to sit in a lotus position and chant a mantra, thus implying that to do otherwise means we are not spiritual. Waith has counseled differently.

In his class, How to Convene a Meeting of the Dimension of Self, Waith said, “Informal focusing is the living of your life on a daily basis. Formal Focusing is what many call meditation ~ and that is where people get confused and frustrated because they think they have to be doing a Formal Focusing in a particular way. We say, once again, you find your answers within Self in your own way.

Each of us has our own way of tuning out the world, which is a form of Formal Focusing and through which we hear Self ~ walking or running ~ dancing ~ driving our automobile ~ using candles and music ~ playing in the garden ~ baking ~ enjoying a hobby ~ the list is endless. I love to clean and organize ~ this activity gives me the quiet time I need to listen to Self, primarily because people run and hide when I am in this mode!

What is a favorite way you have for tuning out? Please share your thoughts in the Comments section.