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Reflections from Mushiba: Vulnerabilities

How do you think the picture with this week's blog entry relates to the topic?

Many people have asked me why, if they are strengthening and learning from all of their adverse experiences, they still continue to be challenged by the dark. Waith’s counsel on this topic is:

“The lighter you become, the more distant you become from the dark and the more the attempt to draw you back by going to that part of you that is vulnerable.”

Ah-h-h, the battle between the light and the dark ~ both within Self and external to Self. Each of us has vulnerabilities that the forces of dark go after ~ those vulnerabilities may be physical, emotional, mental, psychological.

The Universe is charged with continually testing and then retesting, retesting and retesting . . . . Each test is an opportunity for us to either prove to Self that we are strong in our own light or that we need more work to strengthen within.

The joy is that the light is always the Guiding Force and patiently waits while Self strengthens and when Self is ready, it sees the light ~ and the light gently embraces the renewed Self.

Remember Waith’s Mantra:
”The Light Always Wins!!

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