Mushiba (Waith’s Channel)

For the past three decades Mushiba has served as the channel for Waith, an Archangel, and his Spirit Group of six entities. She is also one of the founders and President of the Community of Terra Lux, a nonprofit Educational Institute for personal growth.

What began as a desire to help local friends understand Waith’s message, has grown into a global level of impact by way of disseminating Waith’s body of work through the Terra Lux website. In order to bridge the understanding to Waith’s message, she has developed many companion materials, including online courses and workbooks. The newest addition is the Spiritual Path Association that serves to help others identify and excel along their path of spiritual growth.

Mushiba earned her Masters in Business Administration and has a background in teaching, training (both formal and informal) and curriculum development. Her experience extends to executive management, marketing research, consulting for both profit and nonprofit organization, writing/editing, counseling, and retail sales and management. She has moved from full-time Professor, to Professor Emerita of Marketing, and serves on the board of several other non-profit organizations in Connecticut.

While Mushiba is best know for her Channel work with Waith and his Spirit Group, her Metagers  share that her biggest impact comes from her ongoing devotion to developing leadership within Self and with others.

Favorite Quotes

Freedom is just another word, for nothing left to lose. ~ Janis Joplin
Heaven is in your heart ~ heaven is the love you hold for Self. ~ Waith
It takes as long as it takes. ~ Waith