I’ve been a Metager of Terra Lux since 2001. I’ve always had a fascination with science and spirituality. At one point, I was in a doctoral program for Egyptology – I like to find things. I am a Mental Health Counselor for an inner city nonprofit agency that assists those struggling with mental health and addiction challenges. I love what I do, and I find great joy in helping others.   I also enjoy spending time with my feline friends. I love exploring the outdoors. I like reading anything, even cereal boxes. Being a part of Terra Lux is wonderful and I look forward to sharing the joy and light that is Terra Lux.

Favorite Quotes

Remember that nothing is so serious that it cannot be framed in Lightheartedness and the love of Self.
— Waith
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
— Lao Tzu

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