How to Create Your Own Circle of Light


Tools Needed
Your Body ~ Sit or Stand Comfortably
Protection ~ Angelics, Spirit Guides


Step 1

Call in your Angelic Protectors and Spirit Guides. (We will refer to them as your Spiritual Team.) To call in your Angelic Protectors and Spirit Guides ~ either out loud or calling within Self ~ use words to the effect of, “Yoohoo! Angelic Protector! Come be with me, please!” (You can make this request as lighthearted and as SINGSONG as you would like. :) ) Let them know that you are creating a Circle of Light and ask to be surrounded by protection.

Step 2

Raise your hands as if you are holding a large beach ball in front of your chest. The space between your hands is where you will create your Circle of Light.

Step 3

Close your eyes if you’d like and ask your Spiritual Team to send their energy into the ball and to help you send your energy into the ball. See the combined energy swirling and flowing together. Notice colors that come up, if any ~ some people picture a white swirl, some see a mostly translucent swirl, some see one or many colors, while others see something else… As you practice these steps, you will feel more comfortable with noticing what is happening versus trying to create what you see.

You Have Created your Own Circle of Light.

Step 4

This step contains suggestions of what you might do within your Circle of Light.

Variation A: Place people, animals, minerals, objects or places within the Circle of Light and surround them/it by this loving and nurturing light.

Variation B: Place yourself in the Circle of Light and surround yourself with this loving and nurturing light.

Variation C: Place a certain relationship you have that could use some of the many qualities found in the light (soothing, comfort, clarity, focus, harmony … or something else that comes to your mind). Place yourself and the other (from work, home, other groups, someone from your past) into your Circle of Light and surround all with that gorgeous light.

Variation D: Placing Issues into the Circle of Light is another wonderful experience. There are decisions, and choices, and next steps that come up in everyone’s life. Place any issue into the Circle of Light and surround it with the light. You might ask for greater clarity about this issue.

Variation E: Place someone who has left the earth plane into the light.

If you have any questions regarding the Circle of Light, please contact Terra Lux



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