Be Unified in Purpose

In the words of Waith ~The Guidelines for Growth is the Mission Statement for the Search for Self. Our guidance is about bringing balance to the abstract and concrete. We help you to understand the spiritual precepts of your own path ~ how you can apply those precepts and the tools by which you can apply them ~ and how you can analyze what you have done and determine if the precept from the spiritual component was appropriate for you. This is what our message is about.

"Be Single OF Purpose, Be Unified IN Purpose ~ there is a difference in those two little words ~ IN and OF. You are an individual and you have a purpose ~ it is OF YOU and you alone. Unified IN Purpose means that there are others who have the same purpose ~ they are in it together."

"There are many groupings that come together, supposedly unified, yet they are not, for their purpose is not unified ~ they are not unified IN their purpose. They may come together from this single OF purpose and not translate it into a group, being unified IN purpose."

"The formation of any cohesive group on the earth plane ~ as well as in spirit ~ takes work and does not simply happen."