My Search for Self started when I was very young struggling with physical illnesses and feeling helpless. Being part of the Community of Terra Lux, being exposed to the teachings of Waith, participating in discussion groups, and studying the pearls of wisdom coming from Waith and his Spirit Group, has given my journey into my Search for Self never-ending food for thought and many opportunities for growth. Terra Lux is my safe place where I can share with others and feel light, love and protection. My favorite relaxation time is spending time with my two beautiful animal companions dressed in big dog suits. They keep me on my toes and provide many opportunities for laughter.

Favorite quotes:

Joy means that you have found a balance within Self ~ you come to the balance and have the joy. And each time, then, that you are out of balance, remember that you will be back in balance and will have the joy ~ and hold onto the joy. Eventually, the joy is there even in the imbalance.
— Waith
There’s nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
— Shakespeare

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