Waith is an Archangel who has been speaking through Mushiba since 1986 and is trained in all three Angelic service areas: Protectors, Warriors and, Messengers. Waith’s message is about helping us understand our lives and prepare for moving forward.

 Waith’s Purpose is best stated in his own words:

“Our mission is to help entities to understand the seriousness of their path and also to approach it with a sense of Lightheartedness. We are here to state and reinforce that all energy is equal ~ there is no less than or better than any other energy. The only difference that exists among energies is Levels of Awareness ~ levels of understanding.”

“Everything that you do is a spiritual activity ~ you are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are here to tell you that every life is spiritual and that you do not need to be committed to a particular organization or a particular way of thinking in order to be living your spiritual life.”

In addition to speaking through Mushiba, Waith has assembled an Angelic team, referred to as the Spirit Group, who helps him disseminate the information. Mushiba has, also, assembled her own team who are referred to as the Metagers or, Metaphysical Managers. The Metagers help Mushiba with the day-to-day operation.



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