Wendy Girle 

Holistic and Metaphysically focused, Wendy instructs other natural Empaths on managing their energy abilities to live a well balanced life, and respecting their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energy requirements.

Wendy's business, MINDFUL, was created to bring mediation programs to those who are interested in expanding their personal awarenesses. She provides a safe space for clients to grow emotionally and spiritually and with grace and ease.

Wendy brings her experience in website design, marketing and leadership to the Spiritual Path Association project. She is most passionate about working with teams and individuals and seeing the results of personal growth that comes from that. Wendy is a vegetarian/vegan, (depending on the mood) and enjoy heated seats and fireplaces wherever she can get them.

Favorite Quotes

Joy means that you have found a balance within Self
— Waith

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Nothing resonates as truth like personal experience.
— Kimberly Snyder